Month: September 2011


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09/20/2011Vandeventer Black

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has updated several documents related to its EDI program. To view these changes, visit the VWCC website where you will find the Commission’s Final Implementation Guide and IG Post Publication Change Log.

If you do DOD work, post your posters

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09/20/2011Lowenstein, Neil S.

Under a new Final Rule, there are no longer poster exceptions for contractors with ethics or awareness programs. Instead, now, anyone doing DOD work must post the DOD fraud prevention hotline. Click Here to view the Final Rule, which was made effective immediately.  

Physician Panels – To Provide or Not to Provide – That is the Question

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09/16/2011Vandeventer Black

After receiving notice of an accident or occupational disease from an employee, employers are required to provide the employee with a panel of physicians from which to select a treating physician.  If the employer does not provide a panel, the employee may elect to receive treatment from any healthcare provider he or she chooses. What… Read more »

Equitable Adjustments: Danville Division allows despite disclaimer, but limits recoverable costs

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09/09/2011Lowenstein, Neil S.

Haymes Bros., Inc. v. RTI International Metals, Inc., Case No. 4:10cv00005, USDC, EDVA, Danville Div. (Judge Kiser) offers a new analysis of differing conditions clauses and resulting adjustments. The issue in that case was whether the contractor encountered differing underground site conditions during its excavation. There was an express equitable adjustment clause, but it was… Read more »