Month: January 2013

The Surveillance Chronicles

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01/30/2013Vandeventer Black

Whether or not to incur the expense of surveillance in a workers’ compensation case is a difficult question. Even if you feel it in your adjuster gut that this claimant is faking, catching the fraud on video is another matter. And even if you do get video of the claimant carrying groceries in violation of… Read more »

Forum What Clause? And Why Should I Care?

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01/03/2013Lowenstein, Neil S.

In legal parlance, the “forum” is the location of a particular court. Generally speaking, there are statutory constricts on where cases are properly filed. If an improper forum is used, there are mechanisms to dismiss or transfer the case so the action gets resolved in the “correct” forum. Beyond those statutes, though, also generally speaking,… Read more »