Month: February 2013

Introducing Our New Commissioner . . .

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02/21/2013Vandeventer Black

A workers’ compensation attorney out of Richmond has been elected to the Workers’ Compensation Commission. R. Ferrall Newman will fill the now vacant seat, the one that is designated as the “neurtral” on the three-member Commission. He will join the designated “employer advocate,” Commissioner Williams, and the designated “claimant advocate,” Commissioner Marshall, for a six-year term beginning on March… Read more »

EDVA Dismisses Quantum Meruit Claim as Irreconcilable With Breach of Contract Claim and Also Dismisses Claimed Private Right of Action to Enforce Alleged FAR Violation

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02/01/2013Lowenstein, Neil S.

Judge Turk, Senior District Judge for the United States District of Virginia, Roanoke Division, issued a recent opinion in Suleyman Civiv v. UXB International, Inc., Civil Action No. 7:12-cv-290 dismissing the plaintiff subcontractor’s claim against the defendant prime contractor on a federal project that the prime contractor was liable under a quantum meruit (or implied… Read more »