Month: March 2013

Carrier Prevails in Medical Bill Dispute

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03/28/2013Caramore, Megan

In the absence of a reimbursement agreement with the medical provider, workers’ compensation carriers in Virginia are required to pay medical providers according to the prevailing community rate as provided by Va. Code Section 65.2-605 and Rule 14 of the Virginia Workers’ Comensation Commission Rule 14.  In a dispute, the carrier bears the burden of… Read more »

Rebound in Construction Activity?

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03/22/2013Nicholos, George M.

Authored by attorney George M. Nicholos The Architecture Billings Index for February of 2013 indicates a continued strong pace in design activity in architectural firms and suggests an oncoming jump in nonresidential construction spending during the second half of this year. The Architecture Billings Index (ABI) is a composite index derived from monthly report surveys… Read more »

We Won the Contract, But Then Discovered a Mistake in our Bid. Now What?

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03/18/2013Mazzeo, Anthony J.

Authored by attorney Anthony J. Mazzeo The euphoria you feel upon being notified by a contracting officer that your company has been awarded a federal contract on which you recently bid can quickly turn to dread if you discover that a mistake caused you to underbid the work. Being bound to a contract based on… Read more »

New Restrictions on Mechanic’s Lien in Virginia

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03/04/2013Harvey, James R.

Authored by attorney James R. Harvey The 2013 Virginia General Assembly passed a new law further complicating Virginia’s mechanic’s lien laws. The bill, which passed with wide support in the House of Delegates and Senate amends Va. Code §43-3 to now prohibit liens by those without a valid Virginia contractor’s license. “A person who performs… Read more »