Property Owners Duty of ____?

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01/26/2015Nicholas, Edward E.

Authored by attorney Ned Nicholas Everyone has a duty to exercise care in the use and management of his property. That duty is owed to people who come onto the property. So if you stack lumber outside your building, you should take care to prevent the stack collapsing and injuring an employee or visitor. What… Read more »

Policy Changes in Government Contracting Regarding the Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Persons (LGBT)

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01/19/2015Nicholos, George M.

Authored by attorney George Nicholos The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), which accepts and investigates administrative complaints regarding alleged acts of discrimination from applicants or employees, recently released its final ruling implementing Executive Order (EO) 13672, signed by president Obama on July 21, 2014. Executive Order 13672 amends prior Executive Order 11246 to… Read more »

Warranty Provisions Deserve Careful Consideration from Contractors

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01/12/2015Vandeventer Black

Authored by attorney Casaundra Maimone It goes without saying that a contractor should carefully review all of the proposed terms and negotiate all of the final terms of a construction contract such that the provisions are best tailored to their role on the project.  Nonetheless, attentiveness to warranty terms is especially important due to the… Read more »

Foreign Owners of U.S. Businesses: Time is Running Out

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01/07/2015Vandeventer Black

If you are a foreign owner doing business in the U.S. you should review the requirements by the Bureau of Economic Analysis/U.S. Department of Commerce (“BEA”). BEA is collecting data to measure foreign direct investments in the U.S., and they are doing so retroactively back to January 1, 2014. The BE-13 Survey form will have… Read more »