Month: May 2015

Virginia “Independent Agencies” Now Covered by Virginia’s Public Procurement Act

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05/18/2015Lowenstein, Neil S.

Among other changes adopted by Virginia’s General Assembly last session, the scope of coverage of the Virginia Public Procurement Act has been expanded to include the various “independent agencies” in Virginia. Currently, those independent agencies include the Virginia State Corporation Commission, the State Lottery Department, the Virginia College Savings Plan, the Virginia Retirement System, the… Read more »

Key Questions About Virginia’s Statute of Repose

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05/14/2015Nicholas, Edward E.

Authored by attorney Ned Nicholas Builders and design professionals are sometimes sued for personal injuries and property damages arising out of their construction and design work. Because buildings tend to last for decades, builders and design professionals would face decades of potential exposure to such suits if it weren’t for statutes of repose. These statutes set… Read more »

The Resurgence of the Defense Base Act

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05/01/2015Vandeventer Black

The Defense Base Act is a federal law that extends the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) to apply to certain categories of employees working overseas. The three general divisions of covered employees are (1) those working on military bases acquired from a foreign government after 1940, (2) employees of contractors and subcontractors engaged… Read more »