Month: June 2015

Insurance Coverage for Subcontractor Non-Compliance with Prevailing Wage Laws

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06/30/2015Lowenstein, Neil S.

One Court says there is at least a Duty to Defend Authored by attorney Neil Lowenstein Subcontractor non-compliance with prevailing wage laws is unfortunately not uncommon. But might that be covered by the General Contractor’s insurance? For one design-build project that included coverage for professional liability a federal court in Washington has said there’s at… Read more »

Prospective Waiver of Lien Rights by Subcontractors & Suppliers

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06/16/2015Rixey, III, James B.

Authored by attorney Jay Rixey On April 15, 2015, the General Assembly enacted legislation amending Virginia Code § 43-3, providing that a subcontractor, lower-tier subcontractor, or material supplier may not waive or diminish his lien rights, right to assert bond payment claims, or the right to assert claims for additional costs in advance of furnishing… Read more »