Month: September 2015

Virginia’s New Crowdfunding Law

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09/23/2015Rixey, III, James B.

Authored by attorney Jay Rixey A new Virginia code amendment, effective as of July 1, 2015, makes it easier for small Virginia companies to raise capital by allowing companies to raise up to $2 million through crowdfunding. The amendment, codified at Virginia Code §13.1-514(21), creates an exemption from the more detailed securities, broker-dealer, and agent… Read more »

An Ounce Of Prevention…

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09/22/2015Hemphill, Geoffrey G.

Authored by Geoffrey Hemphill Too many times in my practice, clients have come to me in the midst of a tumultuous intracompany squabble. Owners who once thought they were going to start the next Microsoft or Apple are now at each other’s throats, lobbing all sorts of accusations and wrestling for control of the company. Sadly,… Read more »

Department of Labor and Industry Misclassifications Policy

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09/10/2015Vandeventer Black

Authored by summer clerk Thomas O’Dea The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry recently issued a new policy making construction employers responsible for providing proof of its’ subcontractors’ contractor licenses upon request. Under this policy, all workers on a job site will be characterized as either employees or independent contractors. If they are subcontractors, the… Read more »