Month: October 2015

HACKED: 5 Things to Know About New DoD Cybersecurity Regulations

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10/16/2015Lowenstein, Neil S.

In 2007, a preeminent American defense contractor first reported cyber attacks emanating from China. Four years later, upon a visit by then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, the Chinese Air Force revealed a fighter jet unnervingly similar to the one manufactured by the hacked American contractor. More recently, the FBI reported in July 2015 that… Read more »

Punching Out…

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10/02/2015Walker, James W.

Authored by James W. Walker In most types of civil litigation, the rules are clear on when the clock starts and stops to mark the time period within which litigation most be instituted or be forever barred by the statute of limitation.  However, in many states, the rules can get murky when the potential claim involves… Read more »