Month: July 2016

Practicing Without A Contractor’s License: More Than A Slap On The Wrist


07/25/2016Moss, Ashley G.

LAW TIPS Becoming a licensed general contractor is often a long and tedious process.  The applications can be lengthy and invasive, multiple reference letters may be required, and supplemental documents may need to be obtained.  The process is often mistakenly viewed as a clerical exercise without due respect to the ramifications that can accompany the… Read more »

Keep Calm and Carry On: Brexit’s Effect

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07/20/2016Vandeventer Black

Keep calm and carry on. That very British of phrases was recently used several times in a IHS Maritime expert panel on the topic of Brexit and its effects on international trade and shipping.  Brexit—the decision by Britons through popular vote to leave the European Union—was met with concern and disbelief by many observers around… Read more »

Virginia Supreme Court Confirms Employee Firings on the Spot

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07/20/2016Lowenstein, Neil S.

Law Tips Authored by Neil S. Lowenstein In a recent opinion involving a fired realtor, the Virginia Supreme Court confirmed that at-will employees can be fired on the spot, without any prior notice to the employee. The decision was unanimous, and noted that while the firing notice “must be reasonable,” advance notice was not required… Read more »

Criminal Liability for False Representation in Obtaining Building Permit

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07/20/2016Vandeventer Black

Law Tips   According to a recent court decision from the Court of Appeals of Virginia, Anthony Cummings signed a contract with a homeowner in Chesapeake, Virginia to build an in-ground swimming pool.  The homeowners gave Mr. Cummings a $12,000 down payment on the contract.  The contract identified the contractor as “Mid-Atlantic Pools.” When Mr…. Read more »

SBA Issues Final Rule Regarding Affiliation Calculation of Annual Receipts Limitationson Subcontracting and Joint Ventures

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07/08/2016Lowenstein, Neil S.

Authored by Neil S. Lowenstein In its Final Rule issued May 31, 2016, the Small Business Administration issued rules implementing the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. The Final Rule has a myriad of aspects applicable to awards in various small business programs, and this short summary is not intended to address them all; but rather… Read more »