Month: October 2016

The Federal Contractor “Blacklisting” Regulations are Temporarily Enjoined

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10/05/2016Buckius, Dean T.

LEGAL ALERT The Associated Builders and Contractors of Southeast Texas and other trade associations scored a major victory on October 24, 2016, benefitting all federal contractors. In a lawsuit that the trade associations filed, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas issued a nationwide temporary injunction to stop implementation of the dreaded… Read more »

Choosing Association Attorney is Important Decision

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10/01/2016Casey, Deborah M.

Selection of association legal counsel is one of the most important decisions a community association board of directors will make.  Engaging legal counsel can have long-term implications for your community.  Getting the best possible attorney for the association will have far-reaching benefits and we want to share our experience in how a board can get… Read more »