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New Executive Actions Relating to U.S. Immigration Law

03/25/2015 by

On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced a series of executive actions to prioritize the deportation of felons rather than families and to modernize and improve immigrant and nonimmigrant visa programs.  The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has indicated that they expect to implement some of these initiatives during the first part of 2015,… Read more »

Make Sure You’re Covered: Report All Claims and Potential Claims

Authored by attorney Ashley Moss Professional liability insurance carriers require their insureds to report claims timely as a condition to coverage.  This is especially important at the time for renewal of insurance coverage, when the carrier will ask about knowledge of any claims or potential claims.  Professionals typically fear that notifying the insurer of a… Read more »

Fourth Circuit Clarifies Federal False Claims Standards in January 2015 Majority Decision

Authored by attorney Neil Lowenstein Last month the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (which has Federal Court appellate jurisdiction for Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia) clarified a number of aspects of Federal False Claim actions. The case is United States, et al. v…. Read more »

Are Cyber Attacks an Act of “War” within the Meaning of Liability Policies?

Authored by attorney Douglas M. Palais This question cannot be answered definitively at this time, but should be considered carefully by all insurance professionals. Typical CGL policies exclude acts of terrorism and acts of war. In the past, it was relatively easy to define “war” as hostile military actions by nation states. But today, hostile… Read more »

Statutory Subcontract Limits & Requirements for North Carolina Subcontracts: The Short Summary©

Authored by attorney Neil Lowenstein1 Below is a short summary of some of the statutory requirements and constraints in the North Carolina code regarding subcontract requirements for North Carolina projects (commercial or public). Pay when paid (NCGS § 22C-2). Performance in accordance with its contract entitles subcontractors to payment (NCGS § 22C-2). Payment by an… Read more »

North Carolina “Little Miller” Payment Bonds: The Short Summary©

Authored by attorney Neil Lowenstein1 Like many states, North Carolina has “Little Miller” code provisions intended for the protection of those that furnish labor or materials for North Carolina public projects since those persons cannot claim claims of lien against the real property. It covers the construction, reconstruction, alteration or repair of any public building… Read more »

Industry Opposes Senator McCain’s Jones Act Repeal Rider to Keystone Pipeline Bill

Authored by attorney Daniel R. Weckstein, Esq. Last week, Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) offered an amendment to the already controversial Keystone Pipeline Bill.  His amendment would repeal the Jones Act and its protections for the American shipbuilding and maritime industry.  Under the Jones Act, vessels used for coastwise trade in the United States must be… Read more »