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2018 Legislative Changes That Affect Community Associations

08/14/2018 by Deborah M. Casey

Each year an increasing number of bills affecting community associations are introduced in the Virginia General Assembly.  2018 may have been one for the record books. CAI’s Virginia Legislative Action Committee (VALAC) reviewed more than 100 bills that directly or indirectly affect Virginia community associations. Fortunately, there are only a few that passed.  The bills that… Read more »

Umbrella of Immunity for Arbitrators: Where Virginia is Now and Where It Needs to Be.

08/13/2018 by Authored by Law Clerk Brent Bickings, with assistance of Attorney Jean Stallard

In 1985, on an ordinary day at the University of South Carolina School of Law, Professor Dennis R. Nolan, a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators, noticed a young man standing outside of his office door.  The stranger approached him and asked whether he was indeed Professor Nolan.  Upon responding in the affirmative, the… Read more »

Expert Witnesses in Virginia

08/13/2018 by Authored by Law Clerk Emma Greger, with assistance of Attorney James W. Walker

Use of expert witnesses in both the preparation and trial phases of civil litigation is nearly unavoidable.  An internet search will yield “experts” ready to testify as to the minutiae of pretty much any topic imaginable:  brain surgery, night club security, or even fish farming. Before hiring an expert, a savvy litigant considers both whether… Read more »

Beware Of Usury Laws When Receiving A Loan As A Business

08/10/2018 by Authored by Law Clerk Junior J.S. Ndlovu*, with assistance of Attorney Christopher Ambrosio

*Junior Ndlovu is a summer extern with Vandeventer Black. He is a second-year law student at the Washington & Lee School of Law. “‘Usury’ is generally defined as a premium or compensation paid or stipulated to be paid for the use of money borrowed at a greater rate of interest than is allowed by law.”i… Read more »

Federal Law Considerations For Data Custodians Operating Within Ftca § 5

08/10/2018 by Authored by Law Clerk Daniel Salmon, with assistance of Attorney Jonathan Gallo

The last article discussed the consent orders that typically result from Federal Trade Commission Act (“FTCA”) § 5 enforcement actions. This article, the final in a four-article series on data custodianship, discusses some sector-specific laws and provides links for further research.  While these laws are more industry-specific than FTCA § 5, these laws provide the… Read more »

Ftc Consent Orders Pursuant To Ftca § 5

08/10/2018 by Authored by Law Clerk Daniel Salmon, with assistance of Attorney Jonathan Gallo

In the last article, we discussed FTCA § 5 enforcement actions. This article describes the consent orders that often result from FTC complaints alleging unfair or deceptive practices or other unlawful acts in the realm of privacy and data protection.  While consent orders do not require an admission of guilt, they generally prohibit the conduct… Read more »

Ftca § 5 And Unfair Or Deceptive Trade Practices

08/10/2018 by Authored by Law Clerk Daniel Salmon, with assistance of Attorney Jonathan Gallo

In the last article, we outlined, generally, privacy and data protection considerations for compliance with applicable laws.  This article discusses the Federal Trade Commission Act (“FTCA”) § 5, which empowers the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) to pursue enforcement actions against companies that engage in “unfair” acts that are (1) likely to cause substantial injury to… Read more »

Data Custodianship: My Website has 10,000 Users, Now What?

08/10/2018 by Authored by Law Clerk Daniel Salmon, with assistance of Attorney Jonathan Gallo

This article is the first in a four-article series discussing how certain federal laws impact data custodians, those who collect, store, process, disclose, and otherwise use consumer data. The widespread necessity for businesses to establish an internet presence has transformed many conventional businesses into data custodians.  While some businesses embrace this new-found role and attempt… Read more »

Easements by Estoppel in Virginia

08/09/2018 by Authored by Law Clerk Daniel Stephens, with assistance of Attorney James R. Harvey

The theory of easements by estoppel may be an invaluable tool in a property dispute. Each of the many other theories available to a land owner to establish an easement comes with its own challenges. Express easements must be found in the deed or chain of title; easements by prescription require over twenty years of… Read more »

Potential Contract Adjustments Based on Tariffs

07/23/2018 by Michael L. Sterling

This article was authored by Michael L. Sterling, the Managing Partner of the law firm Vandeventer Black LLP,, with the assistance of Daniel Salmon, a student at the Washington University School of Law. The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) may provide potential avenues of relief to government prime contractors, subcontractors and vendors adversely impacted by the steel… Read more »