Changes . . . New Overtime Rules Published by Department of Labor


Earlier this year, the Department of Labor (DOL) published new proposed rules for FLSA overtime requirements. Among the proposed rules, DOL has proposed:

  • Increasing the salary threshold from $23,660/year to $50,400/year [40th percentile].
  • Increasing the “highly compensated” threshold from $100,000/year to $122,148/year [90th percentile]; and
  • Automatically increasing the thresholds to “keep pace with inflation.”

The new rules will go into effect in 2016 absent further change.

Vandeventer Black’s Anne Bibeau regularly address these and related employment matters, both involving overtime issues and employment issues for broadly. For more information about these changes or any other employment law matter, please contact her or any of the other Vandeventer Black Employment Law Group team members or (757) 446-8600.

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