Mechanic’s Lien Law Changes: Updated


Updating my earlier blog about pending HB 1265, those changes will not be adopted, at least this year. Sen. Purkey had made some “accommodation” changes to try and make it more palatable to the construction industry, such as limiting it to residential construction and changing the notice period to 30 days, but that was not enough to satisfy the State Senate, which passed on the bill for this year and referred it to the 2013 session of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee by a 15 to 0 vote.

This now allows plenty of time for those with any interest in this draft bill to provide their input to their elected representatives. Even as changed it is not a good bill for contractors, in my opinion; so if you are involved in construction, and in particular residential construction, you should consider explaining your concerns and why they should vote no if it comes up for vote next year.

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