Safety Checklist Being Considered by OSHA Advisory Panel for Federal Projects


OSHA’s Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health released information at its recent November 28 meeting that it is drafting a proposal that would require construction companies bidding on federal projects to provide details about their safety records and preventative programs, and that they are developing a checklist for that purpose.

The information requested was announced to include: 1) evidence of prior good safety performance such as recordable injury rates and information about citations; 2) attestations regarding OSHA 30 and 10-hour courses for foremen and supervisors; 3) site specific safety plans (past and for the projecting being solicited); 4) establishing a system for workers to report safety and health hazards “without fear of retaliation”; and 5) only hiring subcontractors who can show evidence of active implementation of safety plans.

The announced intention is to finalize this and present to the president for his implementation by executive order. The substance of the final proposal / checklist will remain to be seen, but appears intended for implementation next year. The minutes of the meeting have not yet been posted by ACCSH.

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