Contractor Liability

Mechanic's Liens: Small Mistakes Can Have Large Consequences

Mechanic’s Liens: Small Mistakes Can Have Large Consequences

Virginia’s mechanic’s lien process provides potential added security for contractors. A properly perfected mechanic’s lien provides for a secured interest respecting the property’s improvement, which can provide a means of recovery for non-payment that contractors otherwise would not have to secure payment for contract breach claims. Virginia’s code suggests that the mechanic’s lien filing process is simple. Follow the stated filing requirements depending upon your ...
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Practicing Without A Contractor’s License: More Than A Slap On The Wrist

LAW TIPS Becoming a licensed general contractor is often a long and tedious process.  The applications can be lengthy and invasive, multiple reference letters may be required, and supplemental documents may need to be obtained.  The process is often mistakenly viewed as a clerical exercise without due respect to the ramifications that can accompany the lack of licensure or omissions in the application process. Contrary ...
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