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Nash Bilisoly to Give Opening Speech at Signal Maritime Conference in Seattle on May 24

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Vandeventer Black LLP attorney F. Nash Bilisoly will be giving the keynote address at the 2016 Signal Maritime Conference in Seattle Washington, on Tuesday, May 24, 2016.  Titled “IN SEARCH OF THE 21ST CENTURY LONGSHOREMAN: THE BROADENING BOUNDARIES OF JURISDICTION UNDER THE ACT,” representatives from government and the private sector will strive to answer a basic, but crucial question: “Who is a Longshoreman?” The attendees and faculty will search for a viable answer to provide an effective framework for practice and procedure under the Act.   Nash will open the conference with “Who Do You Think is a Longshoreman?” The Search Begins: The Impact of Prior Legislation, Legal Decisions and DOL Interpretations of the Act.”    As the Conference summary states: “From the “created jurisdictions,” born of new work locations, to “complex jurisdictions” developed by the administrative agencies charged with overseeing claims handling, to the judicial response of “crafted jurisdictions” in recent legal decisions, the question of “who is a Longshoreman” is pressing to the forefront of the practice.  Therefore, the 2016 conference opens with a search for the 21st Century Longshoreman by first looking into the past for the original philosophy behind who would be covered under the Act and then the developments that have led to the expansion of the definition.”

The Conference concludes at 4:30 with a joint session entitled, “So, Now Who Do You Think is a Longshoreman?” with Nash and the other speakers leading a discussion of what has been learned and what is left to learn with this important topic.

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