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Labor & Employment Law Review & Update Agenda


  • 8:30 am – 9:00 am:
    Registration and Continental Breakfast
  • 9:00 am – 9:05 am:
    Welcoming Remarks
  • 9:05 am – 9:55 am:
    Hot Topics

    Our attorneys will discuss recent developments in labor and employment law and new cases, statutes, regulations, and legal trends you need to know. 

    Dean T. Buckius, Esq.
    Michael D. Pierce, Esq.
    Anne G. Bibeau, Esq.
    Arlene F. Klinedinst, Esq.

  • 9:55 pm – 10:05 pm:


  • 10:05 am – 10:55 am:
    Weed in the Workplace

    We will discuss drugs in the workplace and Virginia’s legalization of marijuana and how it impacts the workplace, including drug testing policies and workplace safety. 

    Anne G. Bibeau, Esq.
    Jonathan V. Gallo, Esq.
    Anthony C. Cetrone, MD | Bayview Physicians Group
  • 11:05 am – 11:55 am:
    COVID’s Wake

    We’ll analyze what employers need to address following the COVID crisis and lessons learned, including the Virginia COVID Standard, OSHA, vaccinations, leave considerations, and remote work.

    Dean T. Buckius, Esq.
    Sue Lebrato, M.A. | HR Leader
  • 11:55 am – 12:30 pm:
  • 12:30 pm – 12:55 pm:
    LUNCHEON PROGRAM – Here’s Why Diversity Matters
    Sharon Harrington, M.A., CPTD, Founder | Amediate, LLC
  • 12:55 pm – 1:05 pm:
  • 1:05 pm – 1:55 pm:
    Diversity and Inclusion

    This session will discuss best practices for a legally compliant diversity and inclusion program in your workplace.

    Michael D. Pierce, Esq.
    Sharon Harrington, M.A., CPTD, Founder | Amediate, LLC

  • 1:55 pm – 2:05 pm:
  • 2:05 pm – 2:55 pm:
    Catching Up with Wage and Hour

    A lot has changed with wage and hour law. We will discuss recent changes to Virginia law as well as new regulations and guidance from the federal Department of Labor.

    Arlene F. Klinedinst, Esq.
    Denise Clarke, Vice President | Care-A-Lot Pet Supply

  • 2:55 pm – 3:05 pm:
  • 3:05 pm – 3:55 pm:
    Untangling HR Quagmires

    This interactive session will examine common HR scenarios and teach you to spot the legal issues.  Topics will include employee discipline and termination, accommodation and leave issues, and other emerging legal issues discussed throughout the seminar. 

    Dean T. Buckius, Esq.
    Michael D. Pierce, Esq.
    Anne G. Bibeau, Esq.
    Arlene F. Klinedinst, Esq.

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