Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

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Vandeventer Black is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion at every level. We strive to recruit, hire, promote, and retain a diverse team of attorneys and staff. Promoting diversity and inclusion among our lawyers and staff not only acknowledges and respects our differences but provides meaningful opportunities to connect, learn and grow. We believe that when our team members are engaged, we enable them to innovate and thrive.

Our vision is to promote engagement, collaboration, and trust among our attorneys and staff and the opportunity to succeed professionally and personally. Towards this end, the firm is dedicated to encouraging a supportive work environment and providing opportunities for participation, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or military service. We promote diversity and inclusion internally through a variety of efforts aimed at building awareness and recognition of dates of significance to different social, cultural, ethnic, and religious groups and educational opportunities fostered by the firm’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Committee.

We acknowledge the unique experiences and backgrounds that come from our own differences and those of our clients. We also realize that every case and legal issue presents more than one perspective, which is precisely why diversity and inclusion are essential in helping our clients succeed. Recognizing and understanding different viewpoints helps us provide exceptional client service.  Bringing different viewpoints into the process improves our decision-making and ability to solve problems.

Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social justice extends outside our firm. Vandeventer Black attorneys and staff are involved in a variety of organizations that support and lift the diverse communities in which we live and work. Our community involvement includes individual and firm membership, leadership, service, and financial support of myriad non-profit and bar organizations throughout Virginia, with an emphasis on organizations serving the Tidewater Region, greater metropolitan Richmond, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

We understand that minorities are disproportionally impacted by economic, social, and political barriers. These barriers often lead to disparate treatment in the ability to access and obtain relief through our justice system. Thus, our firm is committed to supporting organizations dedicated to ensuring social justice, equity, and fair treatment for all.


The Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Committee is responsible for implementing firm initiatives designed to nurture and expand diversity, inclusion, and social justice at Vandeventer Black.

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