Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Vandeventer Black’s legal team is ready to assist you with the disruption a pandemic such as COVID-19 can cause your business.

Labor and Employment Law

We can develop policies for your workplace to address employee absences, travel, potential exposure, and telework.


We can analyze what losses will be covered by your insurance policies.


In commercial transactions, we can assess which party bears the risk of losses caused by a disease outbreak and how force majeure clauses can protect your business interests.


In the event of a pandemic, your business will have to rely more than ever on its cyber networks to support remote operations. It is critical to review the security you have in place for these systems.

Workers’ Compensation

We can help your business in the event where a workplace outbreak of the virus leads to workers’ compensation claims.


COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on businesses and individuals and cybercriminals and scammers are trying to take advantage.  Click HERE to find out about the latest scams and what the Federal Trade Commission is doing to protect consumers!

Construction & Government Contracts

Our Construction and Government Contracts Practice Group monitors and assists clients’ in understanding international, federal, state, and local COVID-19 related guidance and directive changes as they continue evolving, protecting construction and service contract rights, and following related obligations.

Community Associations  

We are available to help community associations continue operating and protect themselves during these extraordinary times.