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Vandeventer Black’s Government Contracts attorneys team with our government construction and service, providing clients to help them achieve their related business vision and goals.  Our mission is to provide excellent, innovative, and cost-effective legal services for our clients. In fulfilling that mission, we bring our team’s wide array of practical and legal Government Contracts experiences to our legal services.

Government Contracts involve a maze of federal, state, and local statutory requirements and regulations that are often daunting in breadth and complexity.  We understand that providing products and services to federal, state, and local Government customers is a complex business. Our Government Contracts attorneys are prepared to help guide our clients to find practical business solutions.

We have assisted clients with Government Contracts ranging from small business supply and service contracts to worldwide logistics and technology contracts, as well as various types of construction and repair contracts.  Whether the work or services are performed for local, state, or federal agencies, we can assemble the best team to address the issue.  We are one of the largest Government Contracts law practices in the eastern region, providing a wide array of government contracting services regionally, nationally, and internationally, to our clients, including regarding:

  • The application of federal, state, and local procurement statutes, ordinances, and regulations, including the Contract Disputes Act, the Service Contract Act, the Federal Acquisition Regulations, the Defense Acquisition Regulations, state Public Procurement Acts, and the regulations of individual federal, state and local agencies.
  • Acquisition planning, contract methods and types (including Public-Private Partnerships, fixed price, cost reimbursement, time and material, design-bid-build and design-build contracting), contracting requirements, special categories of contracting, contract management, and actions relating to procurement processes such as corrections of mistakes, protests, and suspension or debarment proceedings.
  • Contract performance, including change proposals, contract modifications, termination proposals, claim preparation and negotiation, surety and bond claims and defenses as well as the resolution of unavoidable contract disputes in the courts, boards of contract appeals, or through alternative dispute resolution.
  • Contract Cost Principles and Procedures, Cost Accounting Standards, Defense Contract Agency audits, and other accounting issues.
  • Employment and labor-related requirements for contracts, including the application of the Walsh-Healey, Davis-Bacon, and Service Contract Act, other work hours, payment and related acts, and safety standards or citations under both OSHA and related state standards.
  • Ethics and procurement integrity issues including preparation, implementation and teaching compliance programs, and assistance in defending claims arising from the alleged fraud, kickbacks, false claims, qui tam actions, and other civil and criminal fraud-related proceedings.
  • Socioeconomic program issues, including small business applications, certifications, size determinations, certificates of competency, and compliance reviews related to minority, woman, veteran, native American, and HUBZone business concerns.
  • Contract negotiations and preparations, including memoranda of understanding, teaming agreements, joint ventures and subcontracts, as well as basic business document planning and preparation, including bylaws, shareholder agreements, minutes, operating agreements, record retention plans, and other such requirements.

Our Government Contracts services including assistance to clients in varied business lines, including construction, military communications, workforce staffing, information technology, computer technology, computer security, facility security, science-technology, janitorial and facilities maintenance, aircraft service and maintenance, storage and warehousing, architectural and engineering services, environmental services, ship construction and repair, laboratory operations, animal care, and many other areas.  Our clients include local, regional, national, and international companies, from small to large.

While disputes are an unfortunate aspect of many Government Contracts, we focus on preventive law to help our clients evaluate risks, avoid disputes, or avoid risks and disputes. We help identify them early to develop prompt, effective, and cost-efficient solutions. Our training and internal assessments improve our clients’ business processes, and, when needed, we provide in-the-field assessments and advice to identify issues and formulate solutions.

Our Government Contracts Team members include attorneys with field experience, civil and mechanically degreed engineers, a registered professional engineer, and a registered architect with extensive forensic architecture experience. Our Government Contracts Team attorneys are licensed in various states, including Virginia, North Carolina, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Florida, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York. They have handled Government Contracts matters nationally and internationally.

GAO Sustains Protest for Awardee’s Organizational Conflicts of Interest
Vandeventer Black
In its recent decision in the Matter of: Steel Point Solutions, LLC, the GAO considered the concept of Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI).  OCIs usually fall into one of three categories: “biased ground rules,” “impaired objectivity,” and “unequal access to information.”  In this case, the GAO sustained a protest because ...
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Government Contracting: DUNS Number, SAM Registration, and CAGE Code
Vandeventer Black
For prospective government contractors, the first step in this venture is to ensure your business is properly registered.  Registration requirements include obtaining a Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number, registration in the System for Award Management (SAM), and obtaining a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code for each unique facility ...
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Resolved, yet Unclear: Supreme Court Tightens CERCLA Contribution Claim Requirements
Joseph Romero
In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court ruled that a party’s right to contribution claims under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (“CERCLA”) after entering into a settlement arises only when the settlement agreement resolves CERCLA-specific liabilities.  This decision may call into question the effect of existing settlement ...
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