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Medical Malpractice

Vandeventer Black attorneys have seventy years of combined experience in state and federal courts defending physicians, nurses, dentists, psychologists, physical therapists, hospitals, nursing homes, long term care facilities, and all other varieties of health care providers and entities against medical malpractice claims in personal injury and wrongful death suits. We frequently represent clients in mediation and other settlement conferences, offering cost-effective and often early resolution of complex medical cases for our clients and their insurers. Of course, we never hesitate to try cases that need to be tried and our attorneys have extensive trial experience defending health care providers throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In addition, our attorneys have handled numerous appeals before the Virginia Supreme Court.
In addition to our litigation experience, our attorneys represent and defend health care providers in proceedings before state professional licensing and disciplinary boards. We also represent health care providers in a variety of labor and employment cases and general personal injury cases.

Our attorneys are involved in multiple professional organizations focused on the defense of health care professionals, including organizations focused on insurance underwriting, risk management, and long-term care. They have lectured to a variety of professionals, including risk managers, claims managers, and attorneys, on various practice-related topics such as documentation, full disclosure, mediation, and litigation trends in Virginia. Our involvement with these organizations and industry professionals helps us stay abreast of the important trends and issues health care providers and facilities face on a day-to-day basis.

The clients and insurers we represent include general and specialty insurers and self-insured entities, individual health care providers and allied health professionals, practice groups, hospitals, rehabilitation, assisted living and long-term care facilities, ambulance companies and other transportation providers.

We bring the highest level of legal talent to the table.
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