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Building on over a century of representing maritime interests, Vandeventer Black offers cutting-edge multimodal transportation advice and experience to its maritime clients as well as to railroads, trucking companies, public transportation entities, freight forwarders, and 3PL providers in nearly every aspect of transportation law.

What We Can Do For You:

Litigation and Appeals

Having represented some of the nation’s largest companies in some of the most important transportation litigation before the Supreme Court of Virginia, the Fourth Circuit, the Eastern District of Virginia, and in circuit courts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, Vandeventer Black’s transportation team can put that experience to work solving your litigation problems.

Cargo Damage

Whether it is spoiled consumables, damaged power generation equipment, contaminated pharmaceuticals, or any other cargo loss, our lawyers are experienced at evaluating the complicated legal and contractual regimes for claims involving one mode of transportation or multiple modes.  We have experience helping clients to mitigate their damages, seek recoveries from the responsible parties, or defend against claims.

Contractual Negotiations

Whether negotiating the details of a specific contract, establishing a company’s standard terms and conditions, or managing the risk between a transportation company, its customers, and its suppliers, companies of all sizes turn to Vandeventer Black to provide its insight, experience, and industry knowledge to find the right business solution. We have the knowledge to navigate the complex regulatory and business environment facing transportation clients in the transportation industry.  Let us put our experience to work for you.

Corporate and Employment Matters

Ensuring the right corporate structure and the correct legal status of your employees and independent contractors can be the difference between success and failure for transportation companies.  Vandeventer Black can partner with your company to provide the necessary advice and counsel to find the road to success.

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