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Workers’ Compensation Defense

Our Workers’ Compensation Defense team works primarily with insurance carriers, mutual associations, and self-insured employers offering legal defense strategies for both state and federal workers’ compensation claims. Our goal is to achieve efficient claim resolution for our clients. To accomplish this, we provide a thorough case analysis explaining your rights and responsibilities. We then address the best options for claim resolution, whether that means engaging in negotiations, mediation or the initiation of litigation. When litigation is necessary, we offer an aggressive, detailed trial strategy. We adhere to individual client-generated reporting requirements, and we offer definitive, logical recommendations to our clients. We are responsive to our clients’ needs and maintain open communication throughout the claim assignment.

We have over 100 years of combined experience in defending workers’ compensation claims. We are highly regarded in the local community and throughout Virginia. We are well known to Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners, District Directors and Administrative Law Judges as professional and effective defense attorneys. We are known by claimants’ attorneys as effective, tough, ethical lawyers. Our experience and reputation will assist you in the economical resolution of claims.

We represent employers located or conducting business in Virginia, employers with employees traveling through or injured in Virginia, and Virginia-based employers conducting business across the country. In addition, the depth and experience of our practice extends beyond state workers’ compensation and employment issues. We are renowned in the maritime and shipbuilding industries for our experience and success under The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA), The Defense Base Act (DBA) and The Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities Act (NAFI).

We advise employers and insurers on the multifaceted aspects of claims filed by injured employees, including disability and employment issues. The workers’ compensation group is part of the Firm’s Labor Department with litigators experienced in all administrative agencies and state and federal courts.

Coronavirus and Virginia Workers’ Compensation
Megan B. Caramore
How would the Virginia’s  Workers’ Compensation system deal with a virus like the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?  It is not to hard to imagine a scenario where a workplace outbreak of the virus leads to multiple worker’s compensation claims. Your workplace remains open, despite the closure of a number of schools and ...
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Virginia’s Workers’ Compensation And Undocumented Workers: Are Employers Liable For Paying Benefits?
Dustin Narcisse
Undocumented workers in Virginia are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits but not to the same extent as workers who are legally eligible to work in the United States. This concept is commonly misunderstood by workers, employers and workers’ compensation insurers alike. Before analyzing the legal landscape as it pertains to ...
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Virginia Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Lawsuits Against Subcontractors
Vandeventer Black
The Virginia Workers Compensation Act prohibits employees from suing their employers for injuries incurred in the ordinary scope of employment. The Act provides an exclusive avenue of recourse for injured employees to recover against their employers. Section 65.2-307 of the Act provides that: The rights and remedies herein granted to ...
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