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Vandeventer Black Attorneys Secure Pro Bono Trial Victory Against Landlord for Failing to Fix Heat for 45 Days

Lady Statue of Justice
In furtherance of the firm’s commitment to pro bono service, Vandeventer Black Attorneys Jennifer Eaton and Daniel Stephens took on a pro bono representation against a landlord who—in the cold winter months—left tenant and tenant’s family without heat for 45 days. The pair took the matter to trial...

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“I Demand a Jury”: No Turning Back

Courtroom And Gavel
At the beginning of most cases filed in state court, litigants must make up their mind whether they want to exercise their right to a jury trial.  This decision requires consideration of multiple factors such as: What kind of case is it?  Are the issues complex?  Is a jury likely to find one side...

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Business Owners’ Reputations: How Notoriety Can Make Owners (and Their Businesses) Prey to Defamation

Room Office Workplace 2
Effectively marketing a business and maintaining its reputation and goodwill within the community is exceptionally important to the success of a business, but it is a full-time effort as well. For better or worse, a business’s image and reputation are often closely tied to the image and reputation...

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Vandeventer Black Continues to Grow

Daniel Stephens civil litigation Lawyer 2
Law Firm Announces New Hire and Career Opportunities Available Daniel L. Stephens, a graduate from Regent University School of Law, has joined Vandeventer Black as an attorney in the firm’s Business Practice Group and will be assisting clients out of their Norfolk office. Stephens began his legal...

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