Gaela R. Normile

Virtually Impossible: Eleventh Circuit’s Denial of Non-Parties Attending Arbitration Hearings Via Video or Telephone

Supreme Court Building Washington DC 2
In the age of COVID, it is a rarity for hearings, oral arguments, client meetings, or any other legal proceeding to be held in-person. Instead, lawyers, judges, arbitrators, and all other legal figures are relying on their computers and telephones to keep the dockets moving. With the relative ease...

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To Infinity and Beyond Immediate Parties: The Fourth and Ninth Circuit Split on the Enforceability of “Infinite Arbitration Clauses”

Court Room Court Room Court Room Court Room Court Room
Imagine walking into an AT&T store to sign up for a service plan and buy a new cellphone. Perhaps, you are excited to finally get your hands on the latest iPhone. At the same time your new phone is placed into one hand, a pen is placed into the other. You sign the dotted line at the bottom of...

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