Professional Liability Defense

Reporting Claims or Potential Claims…

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11/17/2015Moss, Ashley G.

All professional liability insurance policies require the insured to report claims timely as a condition to coverage. This is especially important at the time for renewal of insurance coverage. When a policy is being renewed, the application will ask if the insured is aware of any claims or potential claims. Professionals often worry that notifying… Read more »

Make Sure You’re Covered: Report All Claims and Potential Claims

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03/19/2015Moss, Ashley G.

Authored by attorney Ashley Moss Professional liability insurance carriers require their insureds to report claims timely as a condition to coverage.  This is especially important at the time for renewal of insurance coverage, when the carrier will ask about knowledge of any claims or potential claims.  Professionals typically fear that notifying the insurer of a… Read more »

Are Cyber Attacks an Act of “War” within the Meaning of Liability Policies?

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03/03/2015Palais, Douglas M.

Authored by attorney Douglas M. Palais This question cannot be answered definitively at this time, but should be considered carefully by all insurance professionals. Typical CGL policies exclude acts of terrorism and acts of war. In the past, it was relatively easy to define “war” as hostile military actions by nation states. But today, hostile… Read more »

Warranty Provisions Deserve Careful Consideration from Contractors

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01/12/2015Vandeventer Black

Authored by attorney Casaundra Maimone It goes without saying that a contractor should carefully review all of the proposed terms and negotiate all of the final terms of a construction contract such that the provisions are best tailored to their role on the project.  Nonetheless, attentiveness to warranty terms is especially important due to the… Read more »

New Restrictions on Mechanic’s Lien in Virginia

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03/04/2013Harvey, James R.

Authored by attorney James R. Harvey The 2013 Virginia General Assembly passed a new law further complicating Virginia’s mechanic’s lien laws. The bill, which passed with wide support in the House of Delegates and Senate amends Va. Code §43-3 to now prohibit liens by those without a valid Virginia contractor’s license. “A person who performs… Read more »