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W. Thomas Chappell

The New Court of Appeals of Virginia Issues Its First En Banc Ruling, Issuing an Important Ruling on Preservation of Error

Recently, in Jacks v. Commonwealth, No. 0833-20-3, ___ Va. App. ___ (May 17, 2022), the Court of Appeals of Virginia issued its first en banc ruling since it expanded from 11 to 17 full-time members to accompany the new rights of appeal for civil litigants and criminal defendants.  For more information...

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A Brief Overview of Suspension Bonds and Appeal Bonds for Appeals to the Court of Appeals of Virginia and the Supreme Court of Virginia

As part of a larger set of articles on appellate practice inspired by the Court of Appeals of Virginia taking on an expanded role, this article will discuss the often-overlooked but important topic of appeal bonds. The term “appeal bond” is frequently used colloquially among the Bar to refer to two...

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